Beauty From Pain (Beauty Series) (Volume 1) - Georgia Cates
I really thank Ilaria to suggest me this book. XDI have so many book to read, and I'm in the middle of "The Dystopian month" so I really don't have time to read this kind of book but this is irresistible. So good. This is my San Valentine's gift to me, from myself and I'm so happy to enjoy it.When I start to read yesterday I think "It's too long to finish tonight" and then when I arrived to the last page I said to me "No really it's too short".This book has all my favorite feature for the best kind of romance, pov of both the main characters in first person, a rich, hot, damaged bacheleror, a strong and sweet girl, much sex, a great background like Australia, yep Australia and an end like this.So so good.And then I read that the sequel will be out in summer 2013 is not so fair. If someone comes to me and said "here is the ARC of second book of Beauty" he or she will really made my day!